Your body type

Before starting the journey to flattening your stomach you need to know about your body type because it will determine what you will do for a flat stomach.


Once you know the different types of the body shapes, you need to identify your body shape. Sometimes it is difficult to identify whether you have heavy structure or the next upper or next below. In this case you may select the higher type and follow the direction for that type. Once you start following the rules for healthy body, gradually you will reach to the next body step. Then you need to follow the rules for that shape.


In 1940s American psychologist William Herbert Sheldon developed a physique classification system which is known as somatotype. Though it has been discontinued but formulaic variations of the methodology are still in use. According to this classification there are three basic human body types:


Endomorph: Usually short and soft with under developed muscles, tends to have large amount of fat, can’t drop weight easily. Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jennifer Lopez are among famous personalities with ectomorph body type.


Mesomorph: Usually symmetrical with well developed muscles, wide shoulders and small waist. Other characteristics include low body fat and they seem to burn fat easily. Famous personalities with mesomorph body type include Arnold Schwarzenegger and Anna Kournikova.


Ectomorph: Usually tall, thin and lightly muscled; because of fast metabolism they enjoy food. Other characteristics include: skinny appearance, low body fat, small chest and buttocks. It’s always difficult for people with ectomorph body type to gain weight. Bruce Lee, Aundrey Hepburn and Brad Pitt are among famous personalities with ectomorph body type.


So your diet & exercise type and routine will depend on your body type. Transformation from one type to another is difficult but not impossible. For simplicity I can mention four more body types:


One thing I want to remind you that if you have a super heavy structure, at first you should eye on medium structure, not on lean structure.


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