What is the Most Fattening thing you can Eat?

Foods that taste yummy and delicious are rich alluring for many people. So it is difficult to resist this type of food. But the reality is tasty foods are less nutritious. These foods are not beneficial for health and difficult to avoid attractive smell and taste. That does not mean you should entirely avoid these foods. If you do this, it will be difficult to achieve desire weight for you. You can occasionally eat these foods. Otherwise, it will lead you to deviate from weight loss goal.


This is why it is required to know what foods make you over weight. It will help you to be conscious in losing weight.


Fast Food


You know that how fast foods are made. The process of making it helps to develop good taste but harms body condition. This taste is developed by adding trans-fat, which is main source for making you fatter. A simple French fries is well enough to supply trans-fat of 4 days.


Microwave Popcorn


Many of us love to eat microwave made popcorn but don’t consider trans-fat accompanying with it. It is found that popcorn provides 5 grams of trans-fat with every serving. As we eat popcorn being indifferent so we don’t consider that it contains lot of unwanted fat which is causes obesity.


Frozen Meal


Frozen meal has become popular recently. It is easy to get so people grab frozen meal every now then. Most of the frozen food is loaded with hydrogenated oil, which is rich with trans-fat. When you eat frozen meal, you risk to become overweight.


Soda and Cola


These fizzy drinks are taste and smell good but loaded with unwanted calories. Most of the companies claim that they have made this drink with natural elements but there is no such evident in their drinks. They add abundant of sweeteners consequently it causes obesity to consumers.




It is a tastemaker, which is used in almost all type of spicy dishes. It makes our snacks yummy. But with magic of taste we forget its unhealthy sides. Ketchup is made with fructose corn syrup. This corn syrup makes our abdomen fattier.


Potato Chips


This is already known as bad carbs, which is harmful for waistline. When foods are baked it creates acrylamide which contains carcinogen. Acrylamide is responsible for causing cancers. It is a deadly side of potato but there is another side that are not deadly but causes other health problem such cardiovascular disease, obesity etc.


Processed Meat


There are lot of people who love various types of meats. When this meat is made at home most of the time it is not cause of concern but most so the time it is not possible to make meat at home. So people tend to pick processed meat. Processed meat is kept by various preservatives, chemicals, and salting, smoking process. All these process increases the risk of gaining weight and colon cancer. It is also risky as it contain bad cholesterol and few nutrients.




It tastes good but harms a lot. It contains lot of saturated fat cholesterol. But that’s not all it contains. It is also filled with sodium, which retain water in the body as a result body holds more water. So weight gaining becomes excess. So when you eat cheese consider the amount you should consume.


Ice Cream


There is no doubt that how ice cream taste good nothing else can do as much as it does. But it is filled with sweeteners and cholesterol. When you eat, you cannot stop eating. This overeating causes to load more bad cholesterol in the body. This cholesterol is stored as fat.


These are not all that can make you fat but these are foods that you should be aware of most. If you eat these foods less frequently in moderate level then it will not cause any serious problem.


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