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Consume less calorie

If you consume more calorie than you need, whatever method you will follow would not work. So please try to lmit your food intake, otherwise you will never be able to flatten your stomach.



Eat less & Work more

Yes, eating less and spending more is the only solution to overweight problem.


Spot toning is not possible

If you are trying to work on belly only and expecting you will have a flatten stomach, I will advice you to read more on spot toning, because unless you will reduce fats all around your belly, you can never have a flat stomach.

Transverse abdominis exercises

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Transverse abdominis  or abdominal exercise is very important for the shape and definition of your stomach. It provides core stability and posture support. Unfortunately other than the specific professionals (like body builder, weight lifters), most of us neglect to identify the importance of these muscles. Specially for weight loss program, exercise on this muscle is very important. Many people try to focus on the surface muscle group to get flat abs quickly, and underestimate the importance of deep muscles like transverse abdominis muscle. But the surface muscles will give you definition fast but, if your goal is to proceed with some weight loss too, you need to focus on deep muscle exercises, and transverse abdominis exercises are one among them.

Best transverse abdominal exercise is the vacuum exercise. Some other transverse abdominal exercises are Plank Pose, Transverse Pull Ins and Back Extentions.


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