Ingredient that Makes You Feel Hungry


Have you thought why do we eat? You will answer, “Because we feel hungry,” the answer is so simple that everyone will say the same. But have you ever thought why we feel hungry? Then you may say that our body require energy to function properly. Yes true but it is not as simple as it is said. They are some hormones that play the appetite game.

But your eating habit also responsible for make you feel hungry. It regulates how frequently you will feel hungry. Some foods are digested very quickly and some are slowly. On the same way some foods regulates hormonal balance that causes feeling hungry. So it sounds little interesting the food we eat that satisfy our appetite sometimes responsible for further feeling hungriness. Some junk foods are manufactured in such a way that you will feel even hungrier. Here we will discover some food ingredients that are responsible in creating appetite.


High Fructose Corn Syrup


It is an ingredient that widely influence metabolism rate. It chemically engineered in such a way that keeps you eating frequently. There is a hormone called leptin normally responsible for sending signal to brain that you are full and you need to stop eating. But the fructose corn syrup disrupts normal emission of leptin in the body. So you don’t feel full and continue to eat more and more or it causes you feel to eat more frequently.


Refined Flour


Recently we have been very dependent on processed or refined foods. Without considering its effect on our health, we are consuming substantially. A study on refined foods expresses some shocking information particularly about refined flour. Refined flour is an element that hinders fullness. It raises blood sugar level and also takes the insulin level up but causes to fall down very quickly. So the blood sugar goes down and make you feel hungry. Ultimately, you will tend to eat more. Refined foods contains almost no nutrients rather it just because you feel fuller.


Refined Sugar


This is another refined food that works similarly to refined flour. It takes your blood sugar level and within a very few minutes it drops the blood sugar level. So it leads you to have more sugar meaning that you need to consume more carbohydrates.




MSG or Monosodium glutamate increases the amount of insulin and make obese without adding any extra food intake. MSG creates injury in hypothalamus; a part of brain that controls your weight.


Sodium Intake


It is known that sodium intake causes drink less water but increases your feeling of hungry. It leads to gain weight. When you eat more salt then your body holds more water, as a result you fell less thirsty. At the same time, it increases the feelings of appetite. In an experiment that was conducted on mice found that high salted diet made them hungrier than those who were on low salt diet.


This are the element that causes you hungrier but most of the people will be confused thinking exact what foods makes your crazy for hungry. For those I would giving some foods that cause more hungry; white bread, salty snacks, juices, fast food, alcohol, white pasta, sushi rolls, artificial sweeteners, pizza. So stay away from this foods and stay healthy and fit.


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