How does Cortisol cause Weight Gain?


People are becoming more conscious with their health. They eat healthy foods and stay active as long as they can do. Some people succeed but there are some people who are still far away from their expected fitness. Many factors are responsible for developing weight. Controlling these facts are not possible for many. Particularly when weight gain is caused by hormone. Cortisol is a hormone that causes stress. This hormone is produced when you are stressed. This hormone increases hunger.


How Cortisol causes Weight Gain


When feel stress, cortisol level starts to increase. This hormone is produced from adrenal glands to save you from adverse situation of body. It has three main function, such as modulating immune system, increasing blood sugar, raising blood pressure. When cortisol level negatively affects your body then your blood sugar drops, acidity raises. When it stays for long time it increases diabetes, causes brain changes, weight gain.


Cortisol is a key hormone that causes stress. It has two-facet effect on fat. When stress take place, fat is broken to provide huge source of energy. During stress, our brain releases a substance named CRH, this substance keeps our body in alert and put into fight or flight mode. Then our body become cautious and our lungs bears more oxygen, our nerve systems become alert. At the same time, our appetite starts to reduce. Then body lacks required amount of energy. Due to disruption of digestive system, our body deprives from energy. Then CRH promotes releasing of adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones mobilize fat and carbohydrate for supplying quick energy. When stress remain no longer then cortisol brings the balance of body back. To bring everything in normal situation, cortisol increases appetite level


When cortisol level stays high for long period it triggers weight gain, cortisol causes increased weight by increasing appetite and insulin. On the other side when stress remain for long time cortisol level start to raise which promotes glucose production. Later this glucose turn into fat. Ultimately, your body stores fat. When cortisol level goes too much then body feel tired and exhausted.


It is seen that stressed caused weight amasses around the waist. I the waist the fat cells are more responsive to cortisol. Fat cells in the abdominal area are sensitive to insulin and they store more energy. This area of the body tends more to gain weight.


How Cortisol Can be Reduced


This is how cortisol causes to gain weight. For reducing the chances of gaining weight, it is obvious to lower cortisol level. You have to bring some living changes. You need to be active. Bring changes in eating habit. Include plenty of vegetables and green leafy to your meal. Eating these type of foods will prevent your body to develop any fat in the body. Consume fat free lean meat. Avoid foods containing bad fat containing foods. Do not drink alcohol or caffeine containing drink. Do expose yourself to any light before going to sleep. Ensure plenty of sleep. It is proved that when you do not sleep adequately your cortisol level goes up. Lack of sleep also causes poor metabolism process, which is another reason of storing fat. Stress also causes cardiovascular diseases and triggers obesity.                 


So if you suspect that you are having adequate cortisol production then immediately take preventive action for reducing the risk of overweight. Although, it is tough to understand whether you are having excessive level of cortisol or not, so you can consult with an expert for identifying cortisol level and ask how to lower it. Taking instant action can cause better result in weight loss program.


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