Home Exercise without Equipment to Lose Weight

It has been very difficult for many of us to go to gym after completing a hectic and tiresome day. The busy life rarely provides some leisure time to focus on health. We all are running after our career but becomes oblivious regarding our health. So it is very common to lose fitness. On the other hand, we cannot take care our health properly.


But if you can manage your time carefully and bring little time by curbing some activity like avoiding long phone calls, watching TV or spending times with your friends. At the same time convert one of your room into a gym instead going to a gym. You may think where you get all the equipment. It is not a required to have all equipment that are available in the gym. Even without equipment, you can do more effective workout. Here are some home exercise that are done without any equipment to lose weight.


Jumping Rope

Remember the childhood days when you played jump rope with your friends. It was not only mere a game rather it has many health benefits also. Don’t things you have been aged and it is difficult to do workout like teenager. Yes, you can do it and increase few heart rate, which is very beneficial for your heart. It will boost your heart rate and blood circulation level so cholesterol level will drop and you will feel fresher than before you do.


Stair Stepping

This one is another workout that requires no equipment except few steps of your stairs. If you don’t have any stairs, take a tool with less height. Then step up and down and watch your favorite show if you want. But you have to little focused on your steps otherwise any deviation can cause an accident. Definitely, it will not sweat you like jump rope but it will keep you active and fit.



Maintaining a good health is not only a goal but also many people crave for gaining a fit core muscles. There is a workout called plank that helps to gain core muscles. To perform this workout you have to take push up position but don’t bend your arms and don’t move towards floor instead hold the position for 30 seconds. At the beginning, it might not be easy but over the course of time, you have to increase the time.


Body Squat

Stand straight on your feet and wider your feet from each other. Now hold your arms parallel to shoulder and floor. Your head and torso will remain in straight line. Then take down your lower body, bend your hips and knee. Keep a position like sitting on a chair. Then go back to starting position. Repeat this process for 15-20 times.


Hip Raise

Lie on your back; keep your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Repose your arms by your sides to your shoulder level keeping your palms up. Keep your tummy in holding your breathe out and squeeze your gluts. Now raise your hips up straight to your shoulder. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds and repeat the same 10 times.      


These are few home exercise that requires very little preparation and easy to perform. These few basic level exercises can done by anyone so there is no such negative effects harmful for the body.


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