Health Risks of Visceral Fat


Many people are having a common problem; obesity or overweight. The inner reason of obesity or over weight is excessive fat in abdomen. Most of the people become conscious when this fat causes them to look ugly. But they do not think that it not only make them look ugly but also undermine their health. There two types of fat subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Both fat causes serious health hazards but visceral fat is more harmful.


Visceral fat is found in the deep abdomen under the muscles and in other organs. It is responsible for triggering many fatal diseases. So if you want to secure you and your dearest one’s life then you should be careful in maintaining visceral fat.


Health Hazards of Visceral Fat


As this fat is amassed in the abdomen, organs and liver so it remains unnoticed. As a result, it creates many health hazards. Visceral fat creates more causes more risk for men than woman. Although men and woman should be equally alert for it. It is responsible for triggering some serious diseases. Such as type-2 diabetes. Diabetes is basically occurs to blood related people. But if you have visceral fat then you are in risk of being attacked by type-2 diabetes. Heart disease also may take place in the body. Among woman there is chance to have breast cancer. It is also responsible for colorectal cancer. People having Visceral fat risk to be affected with stroke, blood pressure, high cholesterol, Alzheimer's Disease, dementia. Etc. some people also allege to have coronary artery disease, metabolic syndrome. There is also proof to have sleeping disorder. The risk of having these diseases increases after 45 years for men and 55 years for women.


Avoiding Health Risk of Visceral Fat


To stay safe from deadly visceral fat it is advised to have healthy fat that is good fat. Plant oils, flaxseed oil various nuts and nuts made oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, fatty fish. Some foods such as avocado, poultry, veal, lamb, eggs also contain good fat. According to a study people who keep more whole grain in their meal tends to have less visceral fat. Barley, brown rice, quinoa removes visceral fat from body naturally. But you have to avoid some foods such as sports drink, fructose corn syrup, sugar and trans-fat. Trans-fat normally contain in packaged and processed foods, potato chips, corn chips, fast foods like fried chicken, fish, French fries etc. some people are too crazy for hamburgers, cheeseburger, hot dog, but they forget the risk of having fat in their abdomen. Having desert is another common habit for many; they simply cannot avoid the temptation of it. But it is also filled with lots of visceral fat. Refined grain also contributes in developing harmful fat. So it is suggested to avoid white flour made dishes, white pastas and white rice.


It is not enough to have right foods for preventing visceral fat. You have to change your total way living if you want to protect yourself from risking your life from fat related diseases. You need to ensure proper sleep to stop developing fat. Study shows that people who are having sleep less than 5 hours are at risk of developing fat in their health.


Your mental condition regulates the risk of having fat. Expert says that when you are stressed then your body releases hormone named cortisol. High level of cortisol contributes in amassing abdominal fat.


You should do physical exercise on daily basis. This workout program will substantially make you active in everyday life. Avoid sedentary lifestyle and stay active as much as possible.


Food habit is not solely responsible for developing visceral fat rather the whole lifestyle is involved to fall in risk of it. So you have to bring change throughout your whole life. Moreover you have to stay conscious every steps to be safe from risk of visceral fat.


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