Green tea for flat stomach


In 2017, American television celebrity and businesswoman Kourtney Kardashian who is known for sharing exercise and diet tips revealed that she regularly drinks extra iced green tea and it helped to keep her stomach flat. She claimed green tea reduces fat especially from thigh and bottom region. Though her claim isn’t a well established fact backed by scientific community.


May be many people are exaggerating the health benefits of green tea. But it is proven that green tea is one of the healthiest drinks in the world. This is also known as a zero calorie drink (almost zero) and can help you to lose weight which will eventually help you to flatten stomach. So if you are already drinking green tea regularly for various health benefits, you are unknowingly taking flat tummy drink.


When green tea can harm

Before my discussion on green tea, I want to remind you few things. There is no doubt that green tea is a safe and healthy drink. But green tea supplements are not always good. These supplements can be fatal; can damage vital organs like liver and kidneys (Ref). Even excessive drinking of green tea can be harmful. There is a safe limit of drinking green tea. I will discuss abut it little later.


What is green tea and why it is believed healthy

In broader sense there are two types of tea; that is, black tea and green Tea. We all know that tea comes from Camellia sinensis leaves. Usually tea leaves are fermented and then dried. This type of tea is known as black tea which is most common. On the other hand when tea leaves are dried directly without going through fermentation process, are called green tea.


Green tea is full of antioxidants. It contains various useful compounds which include caffeine, Catechin, polyphenols and flavonoids. These can help you to burn calories and boost metabolism. I have already discussed how boosting metabolism helps you to burn fat and burning fat will eventually led to flatter tummy.  According to an article on "The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" of 1999 green tea extract can boost metabolism up to four percent.


It’s better to drink green tea in early hours of the day. Your metabolism rate is naturally higher this time and green tea will boost for more. Anti-oxidants in green tea breakdown norepinephrine enzyme. It stimulates nervous system to burn fat. Green tea helps you to feel full, which prevents overeating. Replacing energy drinks and sugary drinks like fruit juice with sugar free green tea means you are reducing calorie consumption.


Green tea also boosts immune system and protects from inflammatory diseases like cough and flu. Green tea helps to stabilize blood sugar, slows down aging process; it’s good for skin health also.


Please don’t forget:

  • Green tea will not do anything miraculous and green tea alone will have very little effect on your weight loss process. It will only speed up your fat burning process and metabolism. So you must stick to other measures like flat stomach diet and exercise.
  • Green tea is known as zero calorie drink only if extra ingredients such as milk and sweeteners like sugar or honey are avoided.
  • Drinking green tea more than three cups a day can be harmful. It may cause herb induced hepatitis, can affect fertility.
  • Green tea will not target you midsection area. But when other parts of your body start to lose fat, your midsection also stars to lose fat. If you have a tendency to store fat in your midsection area, you may notice changes in your arms, thighs and hip area. You may be disappointed to see that you are not losing fat from your stomach area. But you will definitely see the result if you carry on weight loss program with weight loss diet and exercise. Green tea will speed up the process.
  • Excessive drinking of green tea can cause dehydration.
  • Like coffee and black tea you should also avoid green tea in the evening if have sleep disorder. Sleep also plays an important role in getting a flat stomach.


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