If you are planning to lose some fat, choosing right food is more important than anything. In this website I will not try to suggest you any diet, rather I will help you to choose the right food for you. Yes, I don't believe that people can follow a diet, which actually means eating less food, for a long time. If you are on a so called diet, you are depriving yourself of the food you like. It is very difficult to follow these sorts of diets for a long time. That is why people fail ultimately and get back all the weight he lost during the diet. So, no diet! Yes, our plan will be to change our food habit and eating habit. Suppose you burn 2400 calories a day. So you need to eat few hundred less calories a day. If you can take 500 less calorie a day, you will lose one pound of fat in a week. So in time you will lose some fat, hence bodyweight will go down. You don't need to rush on this process; otherwise it will be difficult to continue.


Food Guide

Changing food habit is a very good way to reach your goal. One of the reasons we start to become fat is we don't know how to choose the right food for us. Though we are looking at the nutrition label before grabbing a food in grocery store, we may not know the meaning of all those lines in that nutrition facts list on the food package. We should have a very clear idea of all the information on the label before we select a food. To know more please read Food Guide page one the site.


Food habit

Once you know which food carry what sorts of nutrition values, you have to grow your food habit accordingly. We should not switch our habit drastically, because then it would not be sustainable. Rather we should try to make some minor adjustments to cope with a better food habit. Protein Carbohydrate and fat - all play differently with our body mechanism. If you have grown some fat in your stomach already, it is probably because you eat too much fat or carbohydrate.


So change the foods you eat. I know many people cannot resist eating, Ok if you can't resist, at least replace your foods with low GI (Glycemic Index) foods. By making this one change you will be greatly benefitted. To know more please read Food Habit page on this site.


Fast Carbs and slow carbs

Naturally most of the foods are formed of carbohydrate. All of us usually eat a good amount of carbohydrate. Carbohydrate provides the instant energy and they don't store in the body as fat. But if you consume too much carbohydrate, and quickly, then it will behave differently and will be stored as fat, if it were fast carbs. But slow carbs will never be stored in our body as fat. So you need to know which one is fast carb and which one is slow carbs.  To know more about fast carbs and slow carbs please read Fast Carbs and Slow Carbs page.



Protein, we need more in our body

You may think we need protein because we need muscles in our body. So we look good. Yes this is true, but this is not the main reason why I would like you to eat a good amount of protein each day. When we don't do any physical things and remain idle, like sleeping or just sitting in front of computer, still body metabolizes energy. Muscles are one who does this job. So we need to eat more protein. To know more about protein please read Protein page of the site.


Changing your eating habit

Lot of people eat at late night, few others skip breakfast. Some people take only two meals a day, some people take 5/6 meals. While some like to eat full at each meal, some others eat less at each meal. Eating habit is very important if you are seriously thinking to cut some fat from your body. Some of these habits are good, some are not. You need to make some adjustment in your eating habit if you want to have a flat stomach. Read my eating habit page and start to make some change in your eating habit from today.


Low calorie foods - is there any low calorie food actually

Trust me; there is no food that may contain less calorie, unless it weighs less. Yes that is truth, 10 grams of carbohydrate or protein will always produce 40 calories. And 10 grams of fat will make 90 calories. But 10 grams of water will produce 0 calorie. So the trick is choosing the proportion. If your foods contain more water and less fat it will produce less calorie, than another food of same weight with more fat or less water. To know more about low calorie food please read Low Calorie Food page of the site.





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