Flat Stomach Exercise Myths


Many popular myths are there associating with how to get flat stomach. Let me discuss the common ones.


Exercise for flat stomach Myth:

Many times you will hear -“Eat whatever you like and make exercise for flat stomach”. The truth is that if your workout burns more calories than you consume only makes flat stomach and if you eat relentless amounts of fat or simply don’t care about how many calories you end up consuming for that day, then it is really difficult to cover the huge calorie intake by exercising. I don't expect that you will spend 4/5 hours a day on exercise. To flatten your stomach, you have to control your food intake and at the same time to speed up the process, spend some time on exercise.


Cardio Exercise for flat stomach Myth:

Here they say -“Hours & Hours of Cardio Exercise helps to lose body fat”. Truth is you have to follow most optimum timing for your cardio exercise. Worst thing about excessive cardio is that it will eat away your muscles. If you lose muscles, it means you are spending less calories during rest time. Also hard cardio will lead to depressed metabolism. Not only You will gain all the weight back also you will gain extra weight once you quit due to this depressed metabolism. If you still continue excessive cardio exercises your body will develop a tolerance to what you are doing. So follow a healthy rule while you are doing cardio exercise.


Diet Pills for flat stomach Myth:

You will listen many times -“Diet Pills & Other Expensive Supplements are fat burning”. To some extent this is truth, but no, natural foods can increase your metabolism and burn your fat in a smarter healthier way. Diet pills can be used as a quick fix only. Do you want to eat diet pills for years after years, or for 15 years? Also if you eat excessive food and then take diet pills it would not mean any value to your flattening stomach process.


Abdominal Machine for flat stomach Myth:

The common say is, “Abdominal Machine, Lounge Gadgets, Rockers, Belts are fat burning”. But the truth is spot toning is not the solution to your tummy. To flatten your stomach you have to lose fat from all over your body. Once you will have a lean body, you can use abdominal machine to produce more muscles on your stomach, or to make six packs. But unless you are free from fat, no abdominal machine will work.


Abdominal workout for flat stomach Myth:

They say-“Abdominal exercise such as sit-ups, crunches, leg raises are fat burning”. More exercise means you are spending more calories. But as I just discussed in the previous paragraph, spot toning will not help you to reach anywhere. Whether you use abdominal machine or do sit-ups nothing will be fruitful unless you control your calorie intake. Sit-ups, crunches or leg raises will be useful only when you have successfully reduced fat from your body. At that time abdominal workouts will help you to have firm muscles on your stomach.



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