I know you don't like to do much exercise. We all know exercise is not only good for health but also good for our mind, but still we remain lazy and pass our days without any exercise. Exercise is important for two reasons. First , we need to burn some extra calorie by exercise, and second if you have some fat already stored in your body specially in stomach, then unless you do at least stomach exercise, it would take long time to remove those fats form your stomach.

If you don't like to do regular exercise and you are not that much over weight then you can do either stomach exercise or 'Long walk'.
Lot of people think running is the best options for losing fat, since you run you will lose lot of calorie, so the process will break your fat and you will start to become slim. Actually this is not true. For running the giant muscles work, they take calorie form carbohydrate not from fat.

But if you walk, not for 5/10 minutes, longer, like 40+ minutes then your body will start to break the stored fats. The muscles which need to work for walking are lean muscles, which draw their energy from fat not from carbohydrate. So that is why a marathon runner has lean muscles not giant muscles. So walking will do the trick for you. You have to at a good pace though, and each time at least for more than 40 minutes, becasue first 20/30 minutes body try to use the carbohydrate for energy, afterwards it starts to break fat.

So if you don't like exercise, you need to walk at least 4 days a week. And you can do some belly exercise in your bed, that would be sufficent.


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