Eating Habit


If you are really interested to become what you always want to be, you have to change your eating habit to some extent. Changing eating habit will help you to eat less calories a day and increase your metabolism. Let us discuss some of the fields where you may need to make some adjustments.


Don't skip the breakfast

Until you take the breakfast in the morning metabolism is not kicked into the gear. So skipping the food in the morning you may consume less calories for that day, but since your body will metabolize very slowly during this period, you are also spending less calorie in that day. So finally it would not be of any use to you. Rather during your lunch you will certainly eat more. Many people who skip their breakfast eat more in lunch than the others who doesn't skip breakfast.


So try to take your breakfast within half hour of your waking time. If you wake up too early in the morning and think you can not take breakfast that early, then eat some cracker or one piece of bread at least.



Number of meals a day

It is better to take more meals a day, at less quantity.


If you leave long interval between your food, body become scared of starvation and reduce the metabolism rate. Since it remain unsure of the next food, it tries to store as many fats as it can for future use. So if you take only two or three meals a day and eat large quantities in each meal, you are adding more fat to your body. So take two or three light snacks between you meals.

Studies shows that if your meal interval is more than three hours, your body will switch to hibernation state, and try not to spend much calories. So you will start to feel weak and can not work properly. Some people still may not feel weak and remain ok, since in those cases body try to break protein from your body rather than storing fats for further use. This is very very dangerous, because breaking protein means you are losing muscles. Actually when we spend calorie during idol time, muscles are the part of the body who spend this energy. If you have less muscles you will spend less calorie a day. So losing muscles means you will gain more fat.


So try to get some snack if your meal time interval is getting longer.


Eating at late night

I think we all know that eating late at night is bad for health. Let me explain a bit more. Whatever food you take, your body need to metabolize that food to create energy, so that you can continue doing some work, But if you eat and then go to sleep, your metabolism will slow down ( you don't need much energy when you sleep, right ?). So foods you consume will turn to fat and store in your body. So you can take your dinner by 7.00 and before you go to bed you can take an apple or light snacks, (only if you feel hungry). Don't worry about the light snacks, even when you sleep, your body will not stop metabolism completely. So you will not gain fat.


Emotional eating

When people are in stress they eat more than they need. If you are in stress or in depression or lacking emotional support from family, you are passing some difficult time. But eating more during this time will make thing worse only. You have to realize that though you are feeling hungry between meals and eating, but in reality you are not hungry, you are just eating to feel the emotional need. If you are stressed there will be more secretion of hormone Cortisol, which will cause you feel more hungry. And this cortisol also tends to cause fat deposition in abdomen area, so tummy fat will only increase and flat stomach will be more difficult to attain. So if you are in stress you should seek help from your family members or from doctors. But if you can't then you need to be careful about controlling the emotional eating.


Eating while doing other thing

Many people take a bowl of popcorn or chips while watching movies or sports. This should be avoided. You should eat only when you are hungry. If you enjoy watching sports, you should think do you need to eat really anything? While watching movies and sports we actually eat a lot. Munching some chips for hours, it means you are actually taking more food than what you took on lunch or dinner. So watch out!


Too many choice is not good

Don't prepare too many items for your dinner, you can occasionally do that, but not at regular basis. Research shows if you have too many choices you will end up eating more. Many of us like to go to 'all you can eat buffet'. If you are gaining weight and thinking to lose weight and get a flat stomach, you should stop now buffet lunch or dinner. We all know we eat too much in those buffet lunch or dinner. Once in a month is ok, but not in a regular basis.


Don't ignore the power of water

Though we all know that water is good for our body, we ignore water after lunch or dinner. You need to drink more water to burn you body fat. 7/8 glasses of water daily will help you to continue this burning process. Water is crucial for reducing hunger and flushing out toxins. It would be a major step towards flat stomach and a healthy body if you start to drink water at lunch and dinner, not soft drinks. I am strongly suggesting you to start drinking pure water at each meal from today.



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