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There are many types of calories calculators which will help you calculate the calories you are burning. Before you use the calculators you need to know the few things.You need to have idea about Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR, Body Mass Index or BMI and Body fat percentage. Let me discuss all three of them first.

Basal Metabolic Rate is the calories you are spending a day without doing any physical activities. If you are in bed whole day still your body will spend lot of calories, and this amount of calories are called Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR. Many of us spend 1500 to 2500 calories just as BMR, while doing nothing. So if you walk, run or play, you will spend extra calories, and it will be added to your BMR to give you your actual spending that day.
Body Mass Index helps to understand whether you are underweight, overweight or normal. From your height and weight it will give a values from 10 to 40 or more. If you are normal you should have a value between 20 to 25. Less than 20 means you are underweight. Higher than 25 means you are overweight, 30+ means you are in obese group. So looking at these BMI value you get a overall idea about where you are standing on.



Body fat percentage is also a very important way to get idea on your current body structure. From this value you can have idea on the amount of essential fat you need for your structure, and the amount of extra fat you are carrying. So knowing these values you can figure out how much fat actually you need to get rid of.



Here are calculators for calculating calories from running, walking, swimming, biking, yoga and pilates.


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