Boosting Metabolism


People often become puzzled when they see a person of same age, gender, and height is losing weight consuming same amount of food while they are gaining weight. Particularly women compares them with other woman. They become depressed finding no reason of not losing weight. It is nothing but mechanism of making and burning energy from food. Our body needs plenty of energy for keeping internal function of the body properly working. Our body needs energy to think, breath, digest foods, keep balance of body temperature etc.


Due to variation of making and burning energy, some people lose weight and some gain weight. The variation is bit genetic but it does not mean that you cannot change it. There are some way to increase or decrease metabolism


Way of Boosting Metabolism


As you get older, the metabolism process slows down. So with age it becomes common to have extra weight. So that you need to strengthen your metabolism process. For attaining a desired level of body weight, you have to continuously burn you calories and fat. If you eat more than you burn then your body stores them as fat. In that time, losing weight becomes difficult. An increased level metabolism can efficiently lose weight.


For boosting metabolism, you have to remain active. Perform some intense workout, it will help you to get more oxygen and burn more calories. Some foods are there which leads to increase metabolism.


Omega-3 Fatty Acids


Omega-3 fatty acids keeps blood sugar in check and decrease inflammation. So the metabolism level goes up. Our body requires 1000-2000 mg of fatty acids per day, which you can get from walnuts, flaxseeds, eggs, herring, salmon and tuna fish.


Green Tea


Green tea has multi-dimension of benefits. It contains catechin; an ingredients that boosts metabolism. According to a study it is found that people who consume green tea loses more weight than who does not. Another study claims that drinking five eight-ounce cups of green tea per day will lose 90 calories.


Egg Whites


Egg is rich various nutrients. It is also very good at increasing metabolism. Particularly egg whites contains branched-chain amino acids. These amino acids leads boosted metabolism.


Lean Meat


Lean meat that means meat without fat is an agent to strengthen your metabolism. Iron is a nutrient that regulates the level of metabolism. If your body lack iron then metabolism will slow down. To increase metabolism you have to eat lean meats every day.




Water is essential for every function in our body including metabolism. If your body remain dehydrate for long time then metabolism slows down. So to keep you hydrated to take your metabolism process ahead. Doctors suggest drinking little cold water, which increase metabolism of the body.


Chili Peppers


Capsaicin an amazing ingredients that contains in chili peppers drastically boosts metabolism. It increases fat burning and spends more calories. So you will have more metabolism than before.


Whole Grain


Whole grain is a natural metabolism booster. It burns more fat. Normally body needs more effort to break down it. Whole grains include white bread, pasta, foods that is rich in fiber, such as oatmeal, brown rice etc. 


There some foods that reduces metabolism. So you need to avoid this foods such Trans-fat. This type of fat hinders body’s ability to decrease or burn fat. Tans-fat stick to liver and reduces metabolism. If you cannot rely on any processed foods or packaged foods then start consuming organic food. Now you can have any every type of organic food in your nearest store. Fruits, vegetables, grains all are now found which are safe and healthy to eat. Besides, you have to make some lifestyle change to boost your metabolism.


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