AB Workouts for Women

A fit and lean body is a dream for every woman particularly the mid part of the body always remain center of focus. Most of the woman wants to look themselves in toned and attractive shape. This aspiration motivates them to maintain their body. It is necessary to perform some ab workouts along with suitable diet plan. Although body structure of men and woman are almost same but the structure of waist and pelvis differs from men. Therefore, there is very less deviation of woman workouts. Ab workout for woman is mainly planned to targeting four-core area. These are external abdominal oblique, internal abdominal oblique, Transversus Abdominus, Rectus Abdominus.

Here are some appropriate ab workouts for woman.


Plank Crawl Out

First of all stand straightly and close your feet. Bend your hip and touch the floor with your palm. Now walk with your hand until you take push up stands. Then get back to the starting position and lift your upper body to the standing position. This exercise boosts endurance arms and legs.


Side Plank          

Lie on the floor leaning to your left side. Put your elbow on the floor in a position perpendicular to your shoulder. Transfer your body weight to the elbow and on your feet. Now raise your hips off the floor and stay on this position for half minutes. Then try to your right side.


Reverse Crunch

Sit on a tool and bend your knees to 90 degree angle. Raise your arms forward in a position so that your palms faces to each other. Now breathe out so that your belly go inside towards your spine. Roll your back onto tailbone like c Shape. Then breath in go back to the starting position.


Boat Pose

Sit on your knees bending you waist. Balance your sit bones and lean towards your back. Now stretch out your arms facing your palms up and stay in this position for half minute. It will create pressure on your lower abs.


Alligator Drag

To perform this workout you will need some room to move your body and something that can help you to slide. If it you have tile floor or you can use plastic bag or towel on hardwood. Take plank position on bag or towel. With your hand walk forward and drag your lower body. Wait for few seconds and go back to your starting position.


Rope Climb

Lie down on the floor and bend your knees. Now hold a rope that is hanging from ceiling. Go up holding the rope and pull your shoulder off the floor.

However, there is another range of workouts that can be proved comfortable for your health. Kettle bell windmill, Cable reverse crunch, Trx pendulum, Trx pike, plank circle are quite easy to woman to perform. The more your endurance level is improved the more you can bring your abs in shape. So make a routine according to your own comfort level and start the easiest one you are comfortable with. Decide the number rep with your trainer then gradually increase it to challenge yourself.


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