Congratulation!! You have stepped into a site where you will get some good information regarding losing your excess fat and getting a flat stomach.

Before you start looking at the solutions, I would like to check first what type of body you have and what is your goal. If you are a person with overall good physique, but having some fat at the stomach then your task should be different than a person who is bulky.



When some fat people say they don't eat much, they are not lying. It is only that their metabolism is slow. So even though they are not eating much, the food they are eating would be stored as fat. So if your metabolism is slow, you are not burning calories. You may eat less food than your friend does, but you are getting fat.


Many people don't know the importance of metabolism. Some people remain fat, just because of their slow metabolism. Since their body can not burn the calorie, fat grows at faster rate.


Bring change in you eating habit

If you want to lose some fat you have to modify your eating habit. Comparing to what type of body you have, you need to change the eating style. If you are a very fatty person, but interested to achieve a regular body, you have to change your eating style completely. But if you are having a lean body, just some fat accumulated at your stomach, and then you may need little adjustment in your eating style. Suppose you skip the breakfast almost every day, thinking that it will help you to lose fat. But truth is if you skip breakfast your metabolism process remain slow and as a whole you will lose less calories throughout the day. Which means avoiding breakfast will slow down your fat lose process. So you have to bring change in your eating style to bring the optimum result.


Food Habit is important

We all have our own favorite foods. Some like fruits, some like breads, cakes, others like fast foods. If you are overweight, I assure you, your food habit is not healthy. You have to switch to foods which suit to your plan.



Many people don't like to exercise. If you are one of those persons who are looking for some reduction in daily food intake, and not interested to do anything physical, then I think I should tell you now that it will not work. Some sort of exercise is a must if you have some fat at your stomach. But you will be happy to know I am not going to suggest in most cases any difficult exercises. If you think you can at least walk, you may stick to this site, and explore more.

Let me add more on this topic. Usually people think that running is the better solution to lose fat and to get a flat stomach. But that is not true. Though it is a bit surprising, but truth is that you can directly lose more fat, if you can walk, which is called Long slow distance walk. Read my page for more on this.


Calorie Consumption

There are many ways to reduce fat and get a slim body. But basics of all the method depend on calorie consumption. If you follow a method where you were told to do more exercise, it means you are burning good amount of calories by workouts on gym. Other method will ask you to eat less, hence it will help you to consume less calorie. So in different methods they will ask you to spend more calories or to eat less calories, which are basically same.


So here, in my website, most important part will be the calorie budget.

You have to be a master of calorie expenditure. How much calorie you need, how much you will spend and how much you will eat, everything needs to be very clear to you, so that you can play with them.
Personally I tried few years for myself to get a slim body. I tried few methods in the process. I found every process was good, if you can follow them properly. I think I followed them, but never realized the mechanisms behind. Lately I started to almost research on those procedures. Only then I understand it is the calorie counts which are important. Now I am not worried about weight any more. For a long time now I am stable at a healthy weight, and I am confident that I can sustain it for many more years to come.


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